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Watch it, Dude!

TweetAt this morning’s Bike Friday at Government Center, I ran into a friend who had this sign stuck to his backpack: Huh? Who’s that guy? Why of course, it’s Brian McGrory, Boston Globe columnist: A few weeks ago I woke … Continue reading

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The Bixi Are Coming! The Bixi are Coming! First Boston HubWay Bike Share Stations Spotted

TweetYes, Bixi, the Canadian-based bike-share company, is invading Boston this month with Boston’s first HubWay bike share program. Almost overnight bike-share stations have popped up in some very practical places (though without a bike-share bike to be seen), which I … Continue reading

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Making Boston Safer For Bicycles

TweetIt’s an exciting time for Boston; with Hubway bike share coming to town this month, we might expect to see a lot more bicycles on the road. With this increase in number of bicyclists comes an increase in safety concerns, … Continue reading

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BUPD Nabs Helmet-less Cyclists in Danish-Inspired Sting Operation

TweetLast week, an article in BU Today came out titled “Bikers Nabbed in Sting Operation”. Uh Oh, I thought. Normally, this kind of headline relating to sting operations at BU usually has to do with red lights at the BU … Continue reading

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Two Matts, Two Candids, and a Boston Bike Report.

TweetFirst, a hat tip to Matt O’Keefe over at Seven Cycles for letting me know about this candid shot grabbed of me riding, taken by “Lovely Bicycle” over on flickr: I should have known better than to ride through intersections … Continue reading

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Merry Urban Greenspaces!

TweetRed and green may be the colors of Christmas, but they are also the colors of “stop” and “go” on traffic lights, which reminds me of urban cycling and urban greenspace, so my Christmas gift to all of you, dear … Continue reading

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Why We Shouldn’t Bike With a Helmet

TweetIn the scope of “the great helmet debate,” yesterday I posted a TED talk video of Prof. Gorgens arguing for the use of bike helmets, especially for children. Today I’ll share a video a friend shared with me in response, … Continue reading

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Brain Scientist: Wear a Helmet!

TweetThe fact is, high-impact head injury increases the likelihood of concussion, which increases the likelihood of long-term brain injury such as early-onset memory loss, which can all be avoided by simply wearing a helmet to decrease the potential impact to … Continue reading

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SUV loves Western Ave.’s New Bike Lane as much as I do.

TweetI was pretty psyched to hear about the installation of Boston’s very first “cycletrack” test trial, a buffered separated bike lane, complete with a floating parking lane. The new lane is right by where I work, so I decided to … Continue reading

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