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Join 400+ Cyclists, Me and the “Greg Mobile” to support Bike and Build for Upcoming Christina Clarke Genco Mother’s Day Memorial Ride

Tweet A funny thing happens when you start playing the bucket drums through Boston’s city streets on a bicycle; friends walking or biking down the street who happen to hear your drumming whiz by their ears feel the need to call, … Continue reading

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Brookline PD Cracking Down on Jaybikers, and How to Reduce Your Fine to $1

TweetEvery once in a while police departments in the area ramp up efforts to crack down on the worst menace to society: Bicyclists “running” red lights. This morning I received a note in my inbox from reader and bike commuter … Continue reading

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How Your Cell Phone Can Help You…Take a Bite Out of Crime!

TweetWhat do you do when your bike is stolen? Josh Zisson, bike accident lawyer and blogger over at, wrote about ways to plan ahead in the unfortunate event of bike theft, like documenting you bike and serial number or buying … Continue reading

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Tonight: Live Blogging from the 4th Annual 2012 Boston Bike Report!

Tweet Last year, on my way to the 3rd annual 2011 Boston Bike Report, I was not only (unknowingly) photographed by LovelyBicycle herself, I also ran into other like bloggers at the event,  had no idea I’d show up on the big screen, and wrote up … Continue reading

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What Are Your Rights When a Driver Assaults You, a Bicyclist?

TweetIn my four years of bicycling in and around Boston, all around New York, even touring from Boston to New York twice, I’ve only ever been physically harassed once while riding my bicycle legally on the streets: A few years … Continue reading

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Get Ready: BU Bridge Gets Bike Lanes Tomorrow Morning

TweetThree years ago bike lanes on the BU Bridge didn’t seem likely, but advocacy organizations including BU Bikes, Livable Streets Alliance and Mass Bike (to name a few) fought for them. Two years ago the plans for bike lanes were … Continue reading

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Capturing Biking in Boston with Cartoon Drawings, 1978 to Present

TweetI learned the value of artistic expression at a pretty early age; one time my parents wouldn’t let me eat Oreo cookies before going to bed, so I grabbed my handy box of crayons and in a fit of six-year-old … Continue reading

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A Taste of the BU Bridge Bike Lanes to Come

TweetIf you’ve been biking anywhere near the BU bridge (or BU for that matter) in the past few years, you might have noticed it’s a big spattered mess of construction (like the Big Dig smack in the middle of BU’s … Continue reading

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Video of New Sharrows Being Painted on Elm St in Davis Square, Somerville.

TweetMy friend Rich Jones, creator of Open Watch, e-mailed me a video he took on his cell phone Thursday night of Sharrows being painted in Davis Square: Huge props to the Somerville Bicycle Committee, now we will all know that … Continue reading

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A Red Car Caught Red-Handed in Comm. Ave.’s Bike Lane

Tweet ” ‘scuse me officer, are you ticketing this car for parking in the bike lane?” And without even glancing up at me, came his matter-of-fact reply: “That is correct.” All we need now is Mayor Menino in a tank … Continue reading

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