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Capturing Biking in Boston with Cartoon Drawings, 1978 to Present

TweetI learned the value of artistic expression at a pretty early age; one time my parents wouldn’t let me eat Oreo cookies before going to bed, so I grabbed my handy box of crayons and in a fit of six-year-old … Continue reading

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Bike Poetry, Oh Noetry!

TweetWhen I’m biking anywhere for more than a few minutes, my minds sometimes starts to wander. I’ve been in New York visiting family for the holidays this past week, and it happened to wander upon some poetry in my bicycling … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks to Bicycles in Aviation History

TweetWhenever I bomb the downhill stretch of Beacon St. from Cleveland Circle to Kenmore Square on my bike through Brookline, I feel like I’m flying, and imagine the airborne feeling of cruising above the height of automobiles and past the … Continue reading

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A Broken Saddle, a Lesson in Jaw Surgery,

TweetModern medical advances in jaw surgery are both wonderful and terrifying. If you ever break your jaw for any reason, you should not only take comfort in the fact that solutions exist to not only help your jaw heal faster … Continue reading

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How to Save Money: Do It Yourself! A Broken Shifter, Repaired.

Tweet“You know your rear shifter is broken right?”┬áThe┬áCity Bicycles NYC mechanic fumbled to shift my gears properly after replacing my chain (lost to a Times Square strom drain thanks to a snapped link). “Yeah, I know, you’ve gotta move the … Continue reading

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Drastic Times Call for Drastic Tire Levers

Tweet Like when disaster strikes my tire with a pannier full of beer over a glass-ridden Longfellow bridge. Wet and defeated, I walked to Kendall to catch the T to south station to catch a bus to New York. I’d … Continue reading

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New Drum Biking Video: Riding with the Boston Full Moon Bike Ride

Tweetthis summer I’ve been receiving facebook invites a few weeks before every full moon I receive to he Boston Full Moon Bike Ride(here’s the FB event for this past one), usually meeting at Arc-En-Ciel bike shop in Union Square, and … Continue reading

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Urbana Bike Review and New Drum-Biking Video

TweetSome of you may have seen me riding a bright green cruiser bike with big balloon tires around Boston, and my review for it is up over at, where I guest blog occasionally. Be sure to check out the … Continue reading

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Heavy Pedal

TweetThis year for Valentines day I’ll share with you some more love between bicyclists and their percussions instruments. Like other bucket-drum-bikers, I drum-bike with drumsticks in my hands, playing a bucket-set mounted to my handlebars. But here’s a custom-made bicycle … Continue reading

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From Benin, Niger, a Thoughtful Gift

TweetFrom a thoughtful friend, who just spent this past semester abroad with Boston University’s Niger program (which, unfortunately, has since been shut down). Needless to say, the aerospokes, aerobars and 1:1 gear ratio will make this the most aerodynamic hill-climbing … Continue reading

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