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Brookline PD Cracking Down on Jaybikers, and How to Reduce Your Fine to $1

TweetEvery once in a while police departments in the area ramp up efforts to crack down on the worst menace to society: Bicyclists “running” red lights. This morning I received a note in my inbox from reader and bike commuter … Continue reading

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Hitting the Urban Slopes: Biking Boston’s First Snow of 2012, Mountains, and Skis.

TweetSeñor Corrado leaned on the squealing radiator against the classroom window and squinted through the falling flakes. Thirty of our seventh grade eyes were also fixated out the window. Can I go outside and play in the snow now? I wondered, … Continue reading

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Bike Poetry, Oh Noetry!

TweetWhen I’m biking anywhere for more than a few minutes, my minds sometimes starts to wander. I’ve been in New York visiting family for the holidays this past week, and it happened to wander upon some poetry in my bicycling … Continue reading

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Urbana Bike Review and New Drum-Biking Video

TweetSome of you may have seen me riding a bright green cruiser bike with big balloon tires around Boston, and my review for it is up over at, where I guest blog occasionally. Be sure to check out the … Continue reading

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My New Loves: A Folding Bike and the West Coast

TweetMy Boston love, a Fuji, is fast. She sits at home in Boston, unaware and unsuspecting of my latest love affair with my newly-met partner in crime, a Giant Halfway folding bike. I met her in Baltimore, and courted her … Continue reading

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Amtrak, a folding bike, and a trip from Boston to Baltimore

TweetLast month I learned that the MBTA will happily whip out the double-decker cars to accommodate 230 people and their full-sized bikes. Today I learned that nobody at South Station knows about the Amtrak folding bike policy, Amtrak’s bike policy … Continue reading

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Would You Lie About Owning a Car

Tweetto get a job? Biking to a job interview today was a nine-mile ride to Woburn that took about an hour-about a half-hour less than it would have taken me to use public transporatation (not including wait time) Throughout my … Continue reading

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Biking Hawaii Part 1: Kona and the Lazy Ironman

TweetAlthough my face definitely felt the brute of the 16 degree wind chill this morning riding down Mass. Ave, my mind was wandering elsewhere, into the warmer, more tropical regions of the world, like the Big Island of Hawaii, where … Continue reading

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Winter Aches: Frozen Brakes, Crosswalk Lakes, Saved by a Folding Bike Make

TweetHappy February! As national black-history month kicks off, Massachusetts is experiencing one of the whitest winters in history, and for us winter-riders, that means we should be just as proud to be pedaling through this weather as those who are … Continue reading

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Bike Move Completion

TweetI finally got a chance to haul the very last of my belongings from JP to my new apartment the other day. Here are my last two trips: All in all, it took a total of four trips minus my … Continue reading

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