Drum-Biking is a tradition.

Or the practice also known as “bike drumming” or “jam biking” is when a cyclist, who also happens to be a percussionist, affixes percussion instruments, typically a bucket along with cymbals, cowbells, or woodblocks, to his handlebars and plays them while riding, spreading rhythmic joy for all.

I started bike drumming in December 2009 after seeing my good friend and BU Bikes co-founder Galen Mook drum bike for the first time in October for the Boston Halloween Bike Ride and thought “man, that’s awesome!” before realizing “hey, I can do that!” Since then, I have been the latest bike drummer to carry on the tradition.

Here are my latest videos:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

A brief history of Bike Drumming:

2002: Joey Chang, aka CelloJoe learns to bucket drum and straps a bucket to his bike, and starts drumming all over Boston.

2007: Noah Plotkin inherits Joey Chang’s original drum bike after Joey moves to California.

2008: Galen Mook inherits original drum bike from Noah, starts drumming around Boston.

2009Greg Hum(that’s me!) is inspired by Galen Mook to add a bucket to his own bike after realizing he can combine his two favorite passions: drumming and cycling to spread a wave of audible joy everywhere he goes, even in other cities.

2010: Galen and Greg can be heard bike-drumming individually in and around Boston on their daily commutes, and at large social bicycle gatherings such as Critical Mass. CelloJoe Drum-bikes on the west Coast, sometimes with his Cello.

6 Responses to Drum-Biking

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  3. Ted Johnson says:

    I love drum-biking. I never heard of it before I read this post.

    Do you have any recording equipment? It would be great to record a drum track for a song on a bike, and then mix it on a multi-track machine with other instruments recorded in unusual (mobile) situations.

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  6. BikeDrummer says:

    I have been drum-biking since 2011 and have done it every night continual even today. I finally decided to look up if I was alone, and after seeing your videos I have discovered I am.

    This is not drum-biking. I learned there is a difference between “bike-drumming” and my drum-biking.

    I was disappointed to find you guys are not as hardcore as you could be. I bike drum everyday, both hands one man drumline. I see your videos and what do I see? One hand nervously grappling at the handlebars. I love your inspiration, but am disappointed in your lack of self-confidence.

    Keep drumming, get confidence!

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