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This blog is moving to a new home!

TweetDear readers, after six wonderful years living on BostonBiker, I’ve decided to move this blog to a new home on under a new name, “TheHumBum.” Over the years, I’ve created a few blogs for my adventures and decided it was … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up To In The Past Year: Part 2

TweetThere were a number of things that happened in the year-long hiatus from this blog that I forgot to mention in the last catch-up post I wrote you, dear readers, so here are a few more blog-worthy moments in the past … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to in the past year

TweetUPDATE: Read Part 2 here! It’s come to my attention that it’s been exactly one whole year since I’ve updated this blog (whoops!). What could I possibly be doing that isn’t bike-blogging, you ask? Lots of biking, I assure you, and as … Continue reading

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New video: Drum-biking St. Patty’s day, Irish drinking, German rap in Boston,


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New Video: Drum-Biking In The Snow, And Why I Always Read The Comments Section.

TweetLast Friday, I strapped my bucket-drums to my handlebars after a relatively drum-less winter and drummed my bike to work during the morning snow storm: Well, four days and 3,400 viral hits later thanks to places like Universal Hub, Bostinno, … Continue reading

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My Newest Favorite Bike Shop and My first Dig Write-Up: Hub Bicycle Co.

TweetI’ve been finding myself heading to Hub Bicycle Co. in Inman Sq. lately for all my bike-repair needs because the folks who work there are some of the friendliest people I know, so I stopped by recently to chat with … Continue reading

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New Video: Biking Nemo

TweetWhen I heard there would be an epic snow storm early last week, dreams of taking the C line up to the top of Beacon St. in Brookline and skiiing down suddenly became a potential reality. Instead, I had to … Continue reading

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Drumming for November Project’s Ninja Race

TweetTwo weeks ago, I joined up with Brogan Graham’s November Project, a free Boston-area morning workout club, to drum-off hundreds of Ninjas for their first ever Ninja-themed running race along the esplanade. Galen and I stationed ourselves under the Mass. … Continue reading

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New Video: Biking Boston’s Blackout of March 13th, 2012

TweetBack in March, a transformer fire at Boston’s Hilton hotel caused all of Boston’s Back Bay area to black out for an entire night. Thanks to two six-hour Amtrak rides over Thanksgiving break, I finally had a chance to cut … Continue reading

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Joys of Drum-Biking: Rocking Out Everywhere All the Time

TweetIt’s usually pretty easy to spot the drummers in public places; we’re the guys and gals totally happy to be rocking out on the Green Line to Slayer’s Raining Blood playing through our ear buds while you’re rocking back and … Continue reading

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