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Dear readers, hello and welcome!

I’m Greg Hum, I fell in love with biking in Boston one snowy January in 2008 and haven’t stopped spinning my feet ever since. I’m roughly two-parts absurd, four-parts practical; a deadly mix for something new, but at the end of the day, just another guy who loves riding his bike and organizing people around things he loves.

My bicycle-centered lifestyle has led me to discover the wonders of carrying everything, going everywhere, visiting everyone, and playing percussion instruments on my bike. I can sometimes be heard and rarely seen riding my bike with said percussion instruments on it in and around Boston. Bike-related efforts include co-founding BU Bikes in college, gathering hundreds each year for a midnight ride before the marathon, and telling everything I know how awesome biking everywhere is. I currently reside in and commute from Somerville and when I’m not writing here might be in food coma, saving the world with technology, or contributing to other bike blogs on the internet.

I wish to share with you everything I find wonderful, thought-provoking, practical and hilarious about my bicycling experiences, visions, and adventures. Posts might be few and far between for a blog, but rest assured that much thought goes into what I share with you, dear reader, in mind. I encourage you to subscribe using RSS on your Google Reader if you’d like to keep up without thinking about it: Add to Google

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Working Life

Of course, biking and drumming aren’t the only skills I have. When I’m not nerding out about biking I’m probably nerding in with cool technology. You can find me on Linkedin to find out more about my professional life:
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Have questions? Find out if I have answers! thehum [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com

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  1. John Leano says:

    Hey Greg! Good to see you’re still riding strong! How’s life?

    I just bought a $55 bike from some guy on Craigslist that refurbishes frames here in Chicago, and so far it rides nicely/does its job. I know it’s not important, but I’m just having trouble determining what type of bike this is. It’s single-speed and was advertised as fixed-gear, but normally fixed-gears don’t have a freewheel, right, which would mean that the pedals rotate as long as the rear wheel is in motion? That’s not the case however. I found I was able to coast on it and the only brakes it has are coaster brakes. So if there’s any way you can classify this bike I’m eager to know!

    Anyway, lemme know how other things are goin! I’m no longer on Facebook, just reaching out to people thru the old-fashioned electronic mail, or Twitter! (@john_leano)


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