What I’ve Been Up To In The Past Year: Part 2

There were a number of things that happened in the year-long hiatus from this blog that I forgot to mention in the last catch-up post I wrote you, dear readers, so here are a few more blog-worthy moments in the past year that I’ll share with you now to make up for it:

I overcame my fear of velociraptors

By using Halloween as an excuse to ride one around Boston as an astronaut:



velocirapter bike lane


I Modeled for LuluLemon

One day last spring, a friend asked me to come lead a bike ride for “the Movement,” which was a run/bike ride to an undisclosed location with free yoga in celebration of LuluLemon’s retail store opening anniversary. Sure, why not? I thought, so I did – and later ended up in the video documenting the event:

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.57.04 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 1.00.22 AM

I did not get the white shirt and yoga pants memo

A few months later, another friend informed me that I was in the window of the Lululemon store on Newbury St., which I thought was impossible because I wasn’t anywhere near Newbury St. – Until he sent me this:



I Skied Boston

Whenever a big snowstorm slams Boston, there are always people out in snowshoes and cross-country skis traversing the sidewalks faster than the cars crawling through the unplowed roads. And every once in a while there are folks who take downhill snowboards to city streets, like this guy snowboarding down Beacon St., or Casey Neistat snowboarding through the streets of Manhattan while being towed by a Jeep.

When the first snow storm of 2014 hit, I grabbed my downhill skis and made my way over to the Arboretum to get a few runs in next to the sleds.


I actually ran into two friends who were exploring the Arboretum on cross-country skis, and an older gentleman who, when he saw me hiking up the hill with my skis, remarked “that’s a lotta’ hikin’ for a little bit of skiing!” to which I replied, “No no, it’s a little bit of skiing for a lot of hiking!” Speaking of hiking,

I winter-hiked for the first time

While some people in the northeast celebrate the new year by staying warm somewhere, I decided to spend it literally freezing my face off at the 4,300ft peak of Mt. Pierce in New Hampshire. It might look like we blinked at the moment this photograph was taken, but we were actually just closing our eyelids so our eyeballs wouldn’t freeze into their sockets.

mt pierce 2

my pierce


The next day we hiked the Welch and Dickey trails  Photo: Alex Bassett

The next day we hiked the Welch and Dickey trails
Photo: Alex Bassett

I Survived Drumming the Bowl of Death

It was pretty clear from the Artisan’s Asylum visitor sign-in sheet what was about to go down one Friday night:

photo (9)Paul Carson, a local framebuilder who works out of the space, built a mini veledrome and was inviting folks to come ride bikes in it.

After seeing Craig Collins feel like he was going to die biking in the “Death bowl”/ “Bowl of Death,”

I knew I had to go in there with the drum bike. So I did.


I drummed and sang “Hey Ya!” with the 2013 Red Sox World Series victory mob

There are a few very specific days in Boston when it becomes socially acceptable to be loud and proud with VERY large crowds. I left my house at around midnight and stumbled upon a guy with a guitar:

I’m still discovering how to bring joy to strangers’ lives

It’s always warms my heart to come across tweets from strangers who have encountered me in some manner:

Or texts from friends who’ve received texts from others who’ve seen me around:



photo (10)

Or handwritten notes from strangers left on my bike:

anoynmous note2

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