New Video: Drum-Biking In The Snow, And Why I Always Read The Comments Section.

Last Friday, I strapped my bucket-drums to my handlebars after a relatively drum-less winter and drummed my bike to work during the morning snow storm:

Well, four days and 3,400 viral hits later thanks to places like Universal Hub, Bostinno, and Twitter, here are some of my favorite reaction comments to my video that have resulted:

From Twitter:


From redditbadumtushcomment redditwhynotcomment

From Universal Hub:uhubcomments




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2 Responses to New Video: Drum-Biking In The Snow, And Why I Always Read The Comments Section.

  1. bikecommuter says:

    The cymbal just doesn’t want agree with you.

  2. ma says:

    This brings “look ma, no hands” to a whole new level. Following too close, too fast, too far right, on non-ideal transportation surface. Get a tandem and let your stoker have fun, child, but put your mind and your hands back on the bike ride.

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