New Video: Biking Boston’s Blackout of March 13th, 2012

Back in March, a transformer fire at Boston’s Hilton hotel caused all of Boston’s Back Bay area to black out for an entire night. Thanks to two six-hour Amtrak rides over Thanksgiving break, I finally had a chance to cut together the video footage I took with my GoPro into a bite-sized compilation:
YouTube Preview Image

Check out my original account of riding the blackout here:
Boston Blackout: Skyline from Mass. Ave Bridge

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2 Responses to New Video: Biking Boston’s Blackout of March 13th, 2012

  1. Charlie from JP says:

    How was your camera mounted when you took this video?

  2. greg says:

    Charlie, I used a GoPro HD Hero2 with the chest harness for most of it. Then I switched over to the helmet mount for some of the footage (The GoPro can snap in and out of all the mounts pretty easily).

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