Joys of Drum-Biking: Rocking Out Everywhere All the Time

It’s usually pretty easy to spot the drummers in public places; we’re the guys and gals totally happy to be rocking out on the Green Line to Slayer’s Raining Blood playing through our ear buds while you’re rocking back and forth to the beat of being sandwiched between a horde of sweaty strangers. The truth is, drummers are hard-wired to the rhythm of anything; like a mental tick, we’re probably rocking out in our heads to any music our ears happen upon, real or not.

You can spot us a mile away, rocking out in our parents’ garages:

YouTube Preview Image

in our cars at red lights:

YouTube Preview Image

and in cites on our bicycles:

YouTube Preview Image

And while for me it was a ’93 Volvo I was rocking out in at red lights during my teenage years, and I have no idea what that last commercial was for, I’d be willing to bet these commercials were created for drummers by drummers, because clearly, the creators struck a core instinctual desire inside me that anyone who plays the drums or has a affinity towards rhythm has: I just want to be rocking out everywhere all the time (on my bicycle):

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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