Joys of Drum-Biking: Traveling Tropical Dance Parties

A while ago I wrote about how much fun it is for me to start dance parties while drum-biking, but sometimes it’s just as fun to join ones that travel around the city by bike. So when I heard about Nomadic Pico Picante, a “traveling tropical dance party” that would travel all over Boston on bikes organized by two fantastic local DJs known as Pajaritos, I grabbed my bike, my bucket drum, and my GoPro HD Hero2 chest-mounted sports camera and ran out the door to drum-bike for the ride:

I’m still not sure where my drumming accompaniment, Galen Mook, found that wiffle ball bat drum stick.

And even though I have to admit that I am flattered that GoPro, the camera-maker company themselves enjoyed my video,

I still haven’t heard back about drum-biking up and down their office hallways for “Friday drum-biking,” something I did have the pleasure of doing at the SCVNGR/LevelUp headquarters in Cambridge when I stopped by a while back for a free pair of sunglasses:

Perhaps I’ll have to bring a traveling dance party to them.

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