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Biking Boston’s Great Blackout of 2012 (and My Most Awesome Encounter With BPD Yet)

TweetLast night I noticed my twitter newsfeed was blowing up with #bostonblackout, which led me to discover all the news about the transformer at the Hilton blowing up and causing a massive power outage in Back Bay. Even though it … Continue reading

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Brookline PD Cracking Down on Jaybikers, and How to Reduce Your Fine to $1

TweetEvery once in a while police departments in the area ramp up efforts to crack down on the worst menace to society: Bicyclists “running” red lights. This morning I received a note in my inbox from reader and bike commuter … Continue reading

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Rhythm of the Charles

Tweet The cormorant, the weathered conductor, returns home to its symphony orchestra, the Charles river. The rowing team his stealthy, prominent, often overlooked, yet necessary bass drum. A paddle, a pedal, a wing stroke Rhythmic command, to the beat of … Continue reading

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How Your Cell Phone Can Help You…Take a Bite Out of Crime!

TweetWhat do you do when your bike is stolen? Josh Zisson, bike accident lawyer and blogger over at, wrote about ways to plan ahead in the unfortunate event of bike theft, like documenting you bike and serial number or buying … Continue reading

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