Hitting the Urban Slopes: Biking Boston’s First Snow of 2012, Mountains, and Skis.

Señor Corrado leaned on the squealing radiator against the classroom window and squinted through the falling flakes. Thirty of our seventh grade eyes were also fixated out the window. Can I go outside and play in the snow now? I wondered, and when will middle school ever end?  “Primera nieve” was one of the first phrases I learned in Spanish, and ever since, it’s what comes to mind every year when it starts snowing. Last night, I happened to be bike-commuting home, so “la primera nieve” for 2012 happened to involve “una bicicleta”:

Sadly, all this snow was gone by morning. If you couldn’t tell, winter biking is one of my favorite activities. So much so that on a trip to Mohonk Reserve in New York earlier this month, I went for a ride with my family on the mountain bike trails:

And last month, swapping my SPD clips and pedals for ski boots and bindings I headed to Killington, Vermont with the BU ski club, and the warm winter’s taken its toll there too: 19 out of almost 100 trails were open, and were all covered in man-made snow:

I’ll be keeping an eye on the weather, stay tuned for ski video down the Beacon St. hill in Brookline!

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