What Are Your 2012 Bicycling Resolutions? Here Are Mine

Posted over at CommuteByBike.com are my 2012 resolutions, which include more riding (of course), more bike- advocacy involvment, and regular drum-biking on my bike-commutes after a year-and-a-half hiatus. Pasted below is my submission, but be sure to check out the full post for resolutions of other the other great CommuteByBike contributors.


Greg Hum

Greg Hum1. Bike more, weigh less: When I first started biking to work in Boston four years ago, I lost 35 pounds in body weight in under a month by simply biking to work (usually running late from class, as fast as my legs could muster).

In the past month, my daily bike commute has been cut in half while two major holiday seasons have had me consuming twice as much food as usual. As a result, the panting of my lungs now sounds and feels like a 19th century steam engine locomotive climbing Mount Everest. It’s about time I have some good reasons to consciously bundle up and ride my bike more.

2. Drum-bike everywhere again: A few years ago I discovered a hidden talent of mine: that I can play the bucket drums safely while riding my bicycle everywhere Boston and that people loved it. Suddenly I was starting impromptu dance parties and getting stopped by strangers telling me how the sound of my passing rhythms heard while in class, at work, and even the toilet made them smile and think how much more wonderful the city would be with more music.
Drum Biking
This year I learned that riding five-mile morning bike commute and working long hours leaves little energy for drumming. However, now that I have half the commute and twice the fat to burn, I have no excuse to drum again on my bike commutes. Making music in the urban outdoors is making a comeback, and starting this year, so will drum-biking in Boston.

3. Give back to local bicycling advocacy:

Biking in Boston has contributed so much to my well-being over the past four years, it’s time for me to give back to the organizations that have made this possible. Since graduating college and working real jobs that suck up a lot of my time and energy, I’ve been blogging about advocacy from the sidelines. Now that I’ve figured out how to better manage my time and energy, it’s time for me to get back in the game byblogging more and staying in touch with local  bike advocacy dialogue to help make Boston a place that you and everyone will want to bring your kids to explore by bicycle.

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