A Tandem Bicycle Mishap, Illustrated

I can’t imagine anyone riding a tandem bike and not humming/singing the tune to “Bicycle Built for Two,” so I was pretty stoked for my friend Konrad when he told me he bought a tandem bike used. He was pretty excited to take it out for a spin, so when he took it out with his friend Tim the first chance he got, you can imagine the joy he felt when this happened:

I cannot resist drawing bike mishap rage comics. Fortunately, no people or animals were injured in the true life or illustrated versions of this mishap, but for future reference, I’d be weary of buying a $249 tandem bike from these guys, and stay on the lookout for birds attacking bicycles.

If anyone’s wondering, I’m using a much-better-than-MSPaint but free photo-editing app Paint.net to draw these. I have my seventh grade art teacher to thank for teaching me how to use layers in Adobe Photoshop, and my brother, a graphic designer, for giving me some pointers on illustration and design.

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  1. pocky says:

    Stay the hell away from any tandem that has a chain tensioner. It’s a sign of bad things to come.

    Konrad, you’re welcome to borrow The Green Monster any time you like!

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