Get Ready: BU Bridge Gets Bike Lanes Tomorrow Morning

Three years ago bike lanes on the BU Bridge didn’t seem likely, but advocacy organizations including BU Bikes, Livable Streets Alliance and Mass Bike (to name a few) fought for them. Two years ago the plans for bike lanes were finalized and renovation of the bridges began. Last month I posted a video hinting at what a bike lane on the BU Bridge would be like. Tomorrow morning bike lanes are being installed on the BU Bridge, and you’re invited to come and celebrate!

In an e-mail from Galen Mook to BU Bikes, a fellow BU Bikes Co-Founder you may have seen around town giving talks for Hubway Bike Share.

I’ve been asked by LivableStreets Alliance to put the call out for celebratory volunteers to show up on the BU Bridge on Weds morning to help hoot and hollar and celebrate the soon-to-be-newly painted bike lanes on the bu bridge. YES, you heard right, BIKE LANES ON THE BU BRIDGE!!

Here’s what the plans looked like for the bridge, and what to expect (you can check out my full report on the 2009 DCR Public Meeting confirming these plans if you’re curious):

Will I be bringing my camera to share some footage and my bucket drums to get the 8am rush-hour party started? You betcha’.




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