Watch it, Dude!

At this morning’s Bike Friday at Government Center, I ran into a friend who had this sign stuck to his backpack:

Huh? Who’s that guy?

Why of course, it’s Brian McGrory, Boston Globe columnist:

A few weeks ago I woke up to see that at least ten friends had either shared or commented on a Boston Globe column titled “Make Boston Bicycle-Free..” As expected, flame-wars popped up everywhere, including on my facebook feed. Personally, I face-palmed and chuckled. Sucks to be this guy, I thought. Biking is exploding here in Boston, and with bike-share coming, it’s not going to change,whether he likes it or not. Here’s Brian’s unfortunate impression of bicyclists in Boston.

Here’s the biggest problem with urban bicyclists: Their personalities. They exude a sense of superiority as they sip vitamin water amid an afternoon breeze while I, just for argument’s sake, may be tucking into a Filet-O-Fish in the sealed confines of my car, quickly abandoning hope of finding parking near my gym.

That superiority leads them to blast through red lights and stop signs with no hesitation, swerve into traffic with the entitled expectation that everyone else will screech to a halt, glide the wrong way down streets, across sidewalks, through pedestrian malls, constantly yelling, “Watch it, dude!’’

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  1. mtalinm says:

    maybe Brian has seen one too many Critical Mass events. I sure have. this last Friday’s blockade of a busy intersection was the most inane thing I’ve seen

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