The Bixi Are Coming! The Bixi are Coming! First Boston HubWay Bike Share Stations Spotted

Yes, Bixi, the Canadian-based bike-share company, is invading Boston this month with Boston’s first HubWay bike share program. Almost overnight bike-share stations have popped up in some very practical places (though without a bike-share bike to be seen), which I happened upon while riding today. This one actually takes up parking spots on BU’s central campus on Comm. Ave.
(that’s my bike, not a bikeshare bike)

It was especially awesome to see that three parking spots had been taken away outside BU’s college of Arts and Sciences. I like to think that my efforts (as well as many others) organizing Park(ing) Day at BU over the past few years, whose mission it was to show how parking spots could be used for other things than vacant cars, had a positive effect on the decision. It’s too bad BU didn’t end up putting some bike racks in these spots. Come September when hundreds of students need to lock their bike outside this building, the bike-share station that takes up three entire parking spots will station a total of 17 bikes, and those planter rails will still look like this. You can fit a lot more than 17 bikes in bike racks occupying three whole parking spots.

This station is right outside BU’s St. Paul St T stop, or BU’s Fitness and Recreation Center.

And for those concerned that vandalism of new bike-share equipment would be an issue, this one’s for you. It’s stationed right outside Jackson Mann School on the corner of N. Beacon and Cambridge St. in Allston:

Here’s a closeup of the pay-station

and the parking rack:

A friend mentioned he spotted one at landmark center too. All in all, there will be 61 stations all over Boston (check out the station map), so it’ll be neat to keep an eye out for them as they’re being rolled out. I wonder who the first bike-share customer will be? Even though I probably won’t use the bike-share program myself, it’ll be nifty when friends come visit me, and more bikes are always welcome in my book.

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5 Responses to The Bixi Are Coming! The Bixi are Coming! First Boston HubWay Bike Share Stations Spotted

  1. Corey Zev says:

    There’s one by BU medical center in Dorchester.

    The one at BU Central scares me tho. Looks like the bikes are going to be sticking out into the street. Some drunk driver on a friday night/sat morning is going to run into most of them. And people looking to use them are going to have to walk in the bike lane. They’re far too close to the bike lanes.

    I also really hope someone rents one at BU central and just rides up the hill on it, so they dont have to walk. Dropping it off at Agganis. Or vice versa.

  2. adry says:

    Dunno if you’ve been to Montreal, Greg, but I was just there last weekend and got to use Bixi and it was pretty awesome. Most of the stations in Montreal are located in what used to be a street parking spot and some are right next to bike lanes and it didn’t seem to be a problem at all. It was awesome to see people in the middle of the night just riding them around the city and having it be a viable means of transportation instead of taking the Metro.

    Should also mention there’s an app to use with Hubway that lets you know where there is a station, how many bikes are currently available at said station, and how many docking spaces are available.

    Even thought I obviously own a bike, I still got an annual subscription cuz for $60 its pretty sweet for those times that I might not have my bike with me. Can’t wait to see this expand into Camberville and Brookline.

  3. JonT says:

    Greg: Unrelated question: it looks like you’ve got a folding bike there, with panniers attached to a low-profile rack.

    I tried attaching a regular rack to my own folding bike, but found that with the rack in place I couldn’t lower the seat when folding the bike. I was thinking about getting a low-profile rack that would allow me to fully fold the bike, but wasn’t sure about whether I could get panniers to fit on the smaller rack. What kind of rack and panniers do you have?

  4. greg says:

    @Corey, hopefully, drunk driving won’t be a problem on Comm. Ave, though during Red Sox season, you never know.

    @Adry: Yeah, that’s awesome, especially since the T does shut down. Though I bet drunk biking might become more commonplace.

    @JonT: It’s a Giant Halfway I’ve got, and the rack on it is a custom on made for the bike, which isn’t the greatest, but I’ll save my thoughts on that in a post coming later this week. The pannier is an Ortlieb Shopper, one of their smaller panniers. A friend of mine with a Xootr folding bike loves the seat-mounted pannier rack.. I’m thinking of getting one of those.

  5. galen says:

    check it out at and get 30% off an annual membership. 85 bucks becomes 60 for a year. cheaper than a tune up…

    and we’re rolling out on Thursday to start the program. big hullaballoo at 11am at City Hall Plaza — look for me in a Paul Revere costume, yelling “The Bikeshare is here!”

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