Making Boston Safer For Bicycles

It’s an exciting time for Boston; with Hubway bike share coming to town this month, we might expect to see a lot more bicycles on the road. With this increase in number of bicyclists comes an increase in safety concerns, and BPD are yet again ready to take action to educate bicyclists. Today’s globe article titled “Boston Looks to Make City Safer for Bicyclists” covers BPD’s latest efforts to educate bicyclists on safety, whose title is a stark contrast to one for a similar article a while back titled “Boston to bicyclists: Ride responsibly or get ticketed.”

From today’s more friendly-sounding article:

“BU officers will primarily target bicyclists who make unsafe maneuvers on the road or who do not wear helmets, [Officer] Paré said. Initially, officers will simply remind bike riders to practice safer cycling habits. As the campaign goes on, police will hand out tickets. Our focus is on the cyclists right now,’’ Paré said. “They have to understand the rules of the road.’’

And if by “rules of the road,” he means stopping at red lights and riding with traffic on the road,

then I wholeheartedly agree.

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