A Misty First 2011 Boston Bikes Bike Friday

This morning was Boston Bikes’ first Bike Friday of the season, where commuter convoys from all over the city ride into the Bike Festival at City Hall. Meeting up with the Cambridge/Somerville convoy at 7:10am, there was a decent turnout despite the dreary weather:

and arriving at City Hall, it was great to be welcomed by Nicole Freedman herself handing out water bottles and ankle reflectors as people rolled in. And of course, there was plenty of coffee, bananas, and breakfast burritos to go around:

With 2.6-inch tires fatter than anyone else’s bike this morning, the Urbana bike I was riding for the first time made riding over potholes feel like riding over clouds, but more on that in the near-future; I’ll be riding this bike for the next few weeks and sharing my thoughts on it later over at Commutebybike.com. I will say, though, that the rack fits my “Trash-cannier” perfectly.

If you missed this morning’s Bike Friday, there’s always next month!

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