Happy National Bike Month and Bay-State Bike Week. Don’t forget to JOYBAG!

This month is national bike month, today marks the first day of Bay State Bike Week (hosted by Mass Bike and Mass DOT), and tomorrow marks the first day of Boston Bike Week(Hosted by Boston Bikes), so don’t forget to check out the multitude of bike events happening everywhere around Boston and Massachusetts near you. BostonBiker has a nice summary of events here. Maybe you got this message from Nicole Freedman in your inbox:

With a familiar looking drum-biker.

Last month, CommuteByBike.com launched a campaign to spread the concept of J.O.Y.B.A.G.™ in an effort to drive the industry towards building more reliable packaged commuter bikes that scream: “Jump on Your Bike and Go!” Personally, when I think of J.O.Y.B.A.G.™, I’m reminded of Jackie Chan, a J.O.Y.B.A.G.™ expert:

Because I love both commuting by bike and blogging about commuting by bikes, from now on I’ll be splitting my blogging efforts between me on this personal blog and me the guest-blogger for CommuteByBike.com to help spread the word about J.O.Y.B.A.G.™ and more. In fact, my first post covering last week’s New England Bicycle Expo in Somerville just went up yesterday. Fortunately for you, dear reader, this means more frequent blogging from me pretty soon in both places. Stay tuned, and happy riding!

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