23 Years Old, 53 degree Weather. Gone Bikin’

Every year during my birthday I like to imagine the excitement on my parents’ faces in the months leading up to my birth as the doctor showed them the ultrasound scan:

I turned 23 on Wednesday, and taking the day off from work, I thought I’d go for a bike ride. In fact, maybe I’ll go for a 23-minute bike ride for my 23rd birthday. But where to? Anywhere I want.I thought. It’s my birthday

Checking the mail, I was happy to receive a birthday card from my Aunt Ellen, who is also a bike nut. Inside was a gift, and it was pretty clear where I should go for a ride.

So off I went with my roommate to do some grocery shopping. This also gave me a chance to try out the “iMapmyRide” app on my phone, which records routes using GPS and conveniently uploads it to my routes page atmapmyride.com.

As it turns out, the ride to Trader Joes is less than 23 minutes from Porter Square, so we meandered towards the end to stretch out our trip. But alas, we meandered for too long, because the trip ended up being 26 minutes long total.

A year ago, when I turned 22, I also decided to do something bike-related, but in the form of a giant snow carving on Nickerson field at BU, where I was still a student. Here’s a collage showing the transformation from wrist-sketch to reality:

Done at night, 900 unsuspecting students in the dorms overlooking the field would wake up the next morning to see a giant message that was loud and clear: “Bicycle”

But this year it was warm for my birthday, as has the rest of this week, and as the winter is melting to reveal just how badly our roads have been marred by potholes, it’s 53 degrees out right now

so I’m going for a ride without my winter thermals, gloves, scarf, or balaclava!

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2 Responses to 23 Years Old, 53 degree Weather. Gone Bikin’

  1. V says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. Matt says:

    Cheers Dude and Happy Birthday!

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