Heavy Pedal

This year for Valentines day I’ll share with you some more love between bicyclists and their percussions instruments. Like other bucket-drum-bikers, I drum-bike with drumsticks in my hands, playing a bucket-set mounted to my handlebars. But here’s a custom-made bicycle where the drumsticks are connected to levers connected to some rotating wheels so that the tempo of the rhythm is controlled by how fast the rider is going:

Which frees up the rider’s hands to not only have full control of braking, but also his lungs for cigarette-smoking. While I don’t know the origins of this bike, I have an inkling it might come from the works of The Lab, a Minnesota-based custom frame-builder. I wonder if the rhythms can be adjusted.

Perhaps it’s time I should take my friends’ advice and build a similar contraption with a wheel-to-chain-driven double-bass-drum pedal and bass drum kicking in the back and start a pedal-powered heavy-metal band called “Heavy Pedal”. Then I can really start drum-biking:

Here’s my drum-bike towing a bass-drum back in September for Honkfest.
Now all I need is a wheel-driven double-bass pedal and a way to shred an electric guitar while biking.

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