Arcade Who? Grammys, The Suburbs, and Bicycles.

If you watched the Grammy Awards Ceremony last night and noticed that a band called The Arcade Fire won “Best Album” for their latest album, maybe you were as outraged as MollyMoney was that a band you’ve never heard of won and vented your outrage on the internet.

They stole it because in real life because people steal. and are mean.

What’s not so much real life (at least for most of us) is the suburban dystopia portrayed in the music video for “The Suburbs”, off the winning album, “The Suburbs”:

where bicycles bring these teenagers together even as the world around them tears them apart.

This music video could only have been better if those kids were brought together by fixed-gear freestyling

while Jack Bauer was frantically trying to defuse the nuclear bombs going off in LA.

So if you’d rather watch the music video I have in mind,

  1. Start Playing “The Surburbs” above for the Music
  2. Open the Fixed-Gear Freestying video in a new window. Mute Audio. Hit Play
  3. Open “24” in a new window. Mute Audio. Hit play.
  4. Move windows side-by-side. Watch freestyling and “24” collide, experience the tension.

You could even throw in a U-Lock fight at the end to show the resulting “war” between pedestrians and cyclists, and you’ll feel an effect like that of “The Suburbs”.

Or, you could imagine a video where they are fighting the city’s outlaw of “fancy bicycle riding.”

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