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Us Winter Bikers

Tweet“You winter bikers are insane.” Rob chuckled a little, eyes gazing widely out into his imagination, causing his fingers to tighten around his freshly-brewed cup of joe. “I don’t know how you all do it.” By staying warm, I explained. … Continue reading

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23 Years Old, 53 degree Weather. Gone Bikin’

TweetEvery year during my birthday I like to imagine the excitement on my parents’ faces in the months leading up to my birth as the doctor showed them the ultrasound scan: I turned 23 on Wednesday, and taking the day … Continue reading

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Would You Lie About Owning a Car

Tweetto get a job? Biking to a job interview today was a nine-mile ride to Woburn that took about an hour-about a half-hour less than it would have taken me to use public transporatation (not including wait time) Throughout my … Continue reading

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Beijing, China: Where Bikes Rule, Pedestrians Drool, and Cars Will Soon Rule.

TweetIn Beijing, China, “the bicycle is King,” says my friend James, who just spent a semester there learning to speak Mandarin. James is Boston College graduate, but never biked in Boston during his time here, so in a letter sent … Continue reading

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Arcade Who? Grammys, The Suburbs, and Bicycles.

TweetIf you watched the Grammy Awards Ceremony last night and noticed that a band called The Arcade Fire won “Best Album” for their latest album, maybe you were as outraged as MollyMoney was that a band you’ve never heard of … Continue reading

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Heavy Pedal

TweetThis year for Valentines day I’ll share with you some more love between bicyclists and their percussions instruments. Like other bucket-drum-bikers, I drum-bike with drumsticks in my hands, playing a bucket-set mounted to my handlebars. But here’s a custom-made bicycle … Continue reading

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Biking Hawaii Part 1: Kona and the Lazy Ironman

TweetAlthough my face definitely felt the brute of the 16 degree wind chill this morning riding down Mass. Ave, my mind was wandering elsewhere, into the warmer, more tropical regions of the world, like the Big Island of Hawaii, where … Continue reading

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Winter Aches: Frozen Brakes, Crosswalk Lakes, Saved by a Folding Bike Make

TweetHappy February! As national black-history month kicks off, Massachusetts is experiencing one of the whitest winters in history, and for us winter-riders, that means we should be just as proud to be pedaling through this weather as those who are … Continue reading

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