The Joys of Drum-Biking: Spontaneous Dance Parties

Since I started drum-biking almost ten months ago, I’ve come to appreciate the many interesting, hilarious, and wonderful aspects of playing a bucket drum set while riding my bike around all over Boston and other cities (I still chuckle to myself when I imagine myself flying down a street banging away on my bucket).

So, In the spirit of’s excellent”Joys of Cycling” series of posts, I’ll start my own series of posts chronicling the funny things that happen to me when drum-biking titled, “The Joys of Drum-Biking,” where I’ll chronicle some of these unexpected and rewarding experiences of being a drum-biker.

I’ll start with one of the most surprising, awesome, and hilarious experiences that I sometimes encounter: Spontaneous Dance Parties.

For the past year I’ve been drumming at every monthly Critical Mass ride, so at last April’s Critical Mass ride, Galen and I found ourselves suddenly drumming in the middle of the Christian Science Center’s water fountain, surrounded by a mass of riders. As you can see, the dancing started innocently enough when some riders couldn’t help but dance on their bikes,

Not long after that video was shot, the bike-circle drew inwards, riders dismounted their bikes, and the mass snowballed into one big hilarious, soaking wet, dance party:

Last month, on a nighttime bike ride with a few friends, we rode to the waterfront stage of the Institute for Contemporary Arts to hang out, only to discover a BMX gang had already beat us to it, and broke out into dancing upon hearing my drumming:

Needless to say, we had a great time riding with the twenty-some-odd BMXers around downtown for a little while. They were much faster than we thought they’d be.

One time I ran into a few friends at the Arnold Arboretum who also couldn’t help but bust a move:

Sometimes I’ll pass by people walking on the sidewalk who start dancing, which tends to happen much more often outside of crowded bars on Friday nights. One time in Manhattan a whole group of tourists waiting at a bus stop broke out in dance (I regret not having video of that).

And it’s great to know that this phenomena isn’t just exclusive to us drum-bikers in Boston, to also to CelloJoe in California, the father of Boston Bucket Drum-biking, who’s also found himself drumming while others danced:
mikhel gets down

Sure, dancing is probably to be expected with any kind of street music, but I never thought I’d experience it so hilariously first-hand. If you happen upon me or any other drum-bikers, please feel free to just dance.

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