SUV loves Western Ave.’s New Bike Lane as much as I do.

I was pretty psyched to hear about the installation of Boston’s very first “cycletrack” test trial, a buffered separated bike lane, complete with a floating parking lane.

The new lane is right by where I work, so I decided to check it out this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to find how wide the lane was, and felt so safe I whipped out my camera to snap some video to share with you all. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that a big SUV was also excited about how wide the bike lane was (skip to 0:30 to see one happy car in a bike lane)

I must say, I’m not all that surprised this happened. As with any unexpected change, it will take drivers some time to get used to. For a few days after the left-side Comm. Ave lanes were installed, I also witnessed cars driving under the bridge in the new bike lane, but I haven’t seen any since then. Or when cars were parking in the new North Harvard Ave bike lanes. Though, even though parking spots have been removed for Comm. Ave’s new bike lane section through BU, I still see cars parked in the bike lane.

New York City’s 9th Ave. similar cycle-track trial program was met with tremendous community backlash, but in the end turned into a beautiful separated cycletrack, complete with a green painted bike lane, bicycle-only traffic lights, and signs to make it clear that the cycletrack ias intended only for bikes and that cars are prohibited from entering. I, for one, cannot wait to see more of this:

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here in Boston.

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7 Responses to SUV loves Western Ave.’s New Bike Lane as much as I do.

  1. Liam says:

    FYI, The 9th Avenue bike lane in NYC only has green paint for about one block near 14th street.

  2. John says:

    finally, some sensible lanes

  3. JJJJ says:

    In the BU bridge picture, the meter is still in place, making parking in the bike lane legal. There is a bus stop near packards corner that for years has had meters in front of it, thus making it legal to block the stop.

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  5. greg says:

    thanks for pointing that out, Liam. It’s still awesome that everything else is in place, though.

    J, also thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t realize that, and that’s strange. I wonder when/if the meters will be removed.

  6. Herzog says:

    Hah. I actually don’t blame the driver for getting confused since this kind of lane is completely non standard for Boston and doesn’t yet have signage.

    Also, that’s totally NOT a big SUV. 🙂

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