The Bike Snob NYC Effect: When Drum-biking Goes Viral.

A few weeks ago, Bike Snob NYC linked to my blog and embedded my drum-biking video in a follow up post to his “Cockpit of the Year Awards” after I e-mailed him asking why the user-submitted photo of my bike disappeared from the running.

As I love statistics, I couldn’t help notice the massive traffic spike this blog that resulted over the next few days. I’ll call this the “Bike-Snob Effect” a la the “Slashdot Effect,” which refers to the massive inflow of web traffic to a small website when it is linked by a popular news site like Slashdot.

Here’s what my traffic spike looked like on November 2nd:

Within a day, my YouTube video suddenly went from around 150 views to around 3300 views.

Also interesting are the demographics Youtube video viewers for this particular video since November 2nd:

Since most of this traffic (2763 views as of today) comes from BSNYC, this might even provide some insight into who the readers of BSNYC are; For the most part, middle-aged men. This surprised me. Since all my bike friends who read BSNYC are twenty-somethings, I wasn’t expecting there’d be so many middle-aged readers, but maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised; perhaps it makes sense that there are twice as many older male readers than people my age who love making fun of “those darn hipsters with their brake-less fixies!” as much as BSNYC does.

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  1. dotriderblog says:

    I think there a lot more middle aged men out there on bikes than you think. We might not do Critical Mass or ride a fixie, but we’re urban and we were hip in our day and some of us still might be… There was an initial surge in bicycling during the 1970s Energy Crisis’ and this is what created this demographic along with the surge in ten speeds which started in the 60s and peaked in the 70s… As one I’d say we’re THRILLED to see so many folks of any stripe getting out on the road. Many of us never stopped riding. It’s just that we weren’t really noticed as our numbers %-wise were so miniscule. If we didn’t do it as much, many of us have revved up again thanks to everyone else being out there. So keep it up. Great videos too by the way. Loved the SUV in the track… SOS Awareness is so low overall though it can be discouraging.

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