Drum-biking like it’s 1899!

Thanks BostonBiker for sharing info on an upcoming “StreetTalk”: ‘Boston’s Bicyclists Movement of the 1890s”, hosted by Livable Streets.

Which I will surely be attending not just because it it piques the bike-advocate inside of me, but also, the photo for the event was this:

THERE IS A BASS DRUM ON THAT BICYCLE!!!!! And a FULL MARCHING BAND, all RIDING BICYCLES. The clarinetist is piloting a tandem!!!

I’d always known that while the history of bucket-drum biking in Boston could be traced back to 2002. I had no idea there were others in Boston before us crazy drum bikers who did anything similar.

But my dear friends, imagining a full marching band riding bicycles and spreading a symphony of music through 1890s Boston brings a tear of joy to my historical eye. Just imagine:

Okay, so even the idea of marching bands on bikes isn’t anything new, but all Youtube videos of them are of bands in Europe. It only took 100 years for Boston to come full circle. Maybe there is something to Boston being described as the most “European” city in America (sans the incredible bicycle infrastructure, but we’re getting there).

Anyone want to join a Boston bicycle marching band?

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