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The Joys of Drum-Biking: Spontaneous Dance Parties

TweetSince I started drum-biking almost ten months ago, I’ve come to appreciate the many interesting, hilarious, and wonderful aspects of playing a bucket drum set while riding my bike around all over Boston and other cities (I still chuckle to … Continue reading

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SUV loves Western Ave.’s New Bike Lane as much as I do.

TweetI was pretty psyched to hear about the installation of Boston’s very first “cycletrack” test trial, a buffered separated bike lane, complete with a floating parking lane. The new lane is right by where I work, so I decided to … Continue reading

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The Bike Snob NYC Effect: When Drum-biking Goes Viral.

TweetA few weeks ago, Bike Snob NYC linked to my blog and embedded my drum-biking video in a follow up post to his “Cockpit of the Year Awards” after I e-mailed him asking why the user-submitted photo of my bike … Continue reading

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Drum-biking like it’s 1899!

TweetThanks BostonBiker for sharing info on an upcoming “StreetTalk”: ‘Boston’s Bicyclists Movement of the 1890s”, hosted by Livable Streets. Which I will surely be attending not just because it it piques the bike-advocate inside of me, but also, the photo … Continue reading

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