A short-lived BSNYC Mention

It’s been brought to my attention that I was mentioned by the famed Bike Snob NYC himself, as a contender for “Best Freestyle Cockpit” in his annual“Cockpit of the Year Contest”

And then the photo of my bike disappeared later in the day.

Somehow, it showed up in RSS readers but not on the actual blog, the final draft. According to BSNYC himself,

Indeed, so trying has this process been that earlier I accidentally launched an incomplete post into the “Internet,” which I expect even now is languishing in caches and blog readers like a virtual chunk of spinach in my teeth.

So I checked out my own RSS Reader….AH-HA! The spinach was still there!:

Hey, that’s my bike with the bucket drum on it! Note, I did not take this photo and do not know who submitted it to BSNYC. I’m trying hard to figure out where that bike rack is though. BPL maybe?

While I am thoroughly disappointed with his decision to exclude me from the final running, I’m sure his reasons for my elimination were valid (more bar ends=more freestyling? penis stem=more original than drum on bike?) Oh well, I’ll still be freestyling on anyway:

All I have to say is, AYBSNYCSMB!

Update: I e-mailed Bikesnob asking why the photo of my cockpit didn’t make the cut, and I received the following reply from him this morning:

Sorry! The same person submitted two pics and I didn’t think it fair to make them both finalists. It was a tough decision, trust me!

I still stand by my original thoughts: AYBSNYCSMB!

Update 2: Bike snob considers my bike, stands by his original decision.

I must say, I appreciate the reconsideration regardless, and retract my original statement of “AYBSNYCSMB” to “AYHSMB.

Some reader comments include:

“With the spate of movies released recently showing Boston’s gritty reality, I’m surprised these drumming cyclists weren’t called “faggots” by some coked-up townies and beaten to a pulp.”

The reality is, I am a coked-up townie.

“If you know Boston, the drumming hipsters are riding on Comm. Ave. by Boston University. If they rode in the another direction, say towards “Southie”, past a few bars, yeah they would be wearing those buckets, and the cymbals thrown like frisbees!”

Drunk people spilling out of bars tend to get the most excited by noise they can dance to. But I do love frisbee.

“As a drummer and cyclist I have to like the boston drumming cyclist.I since moved to L.A and would suggest more people following suit.Since the drivers are even more out to lunch than boston I would suggest a piccolo snare no more than 4 inches deep and a cymbal as obnoxious as a 20″china cymbal to cut through the din of ipods,talk radio,chastsing of passenger children and infrastructure road improvement noise.They’ll definitely hear you coming and going.Stay tuned for my prototype.”

Do not underestimate the power of a plastic bucket, splash cymbal, and jam block, my friend. If only a piccolo snare and china cymbal weren’t so damn heavy.

“Drummer rides past my house (yes, I live near BU) often.

I can never help yelling “play dude, play!” from my porch or window.”

I’ll be listening for you, dude.

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  1. samh says:

    Let the ball-sucking commence.

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