This week in Boston DIY Hacks: Messenger Bag Turned Backpack, Camera Boom and U-Lock Holster

One of my favorite things about being a cyclist is coming up with practical solutions on my own, and I’m always especially excited to discover new innovations others come up with right here in Boston.

I ran into my friend Nathan in Central Square on Friday, who was wearing a funny looking backpack. In fact, it was Timbuk2 “Click,” a mini messenger/tote bag designed, meant to be worn like this:

But after realizing how uncomfortable wearing the bag was while riding from swinging around and bearing weight on a single shoulder, Nathan figured out he could turn the bag into a backpack by simply looping the shoulder-strap through the handle:

A simple yet effective trick that can also be applied to any old messenger bag.

Riding through Davis Square yesterday, I pulled up right behind a rider with a low-tech homebuilt wooden camera boom to seat a high-tech video camera:

Here’s a close-up. You can see a suspension strap and a zoom-in preview of the camera shot:

The result is a really neat camera shot similar to this clip from the movie Friday, where Deebo rides up to Chris Tucker and Ice Cube on his cruiser:

And today I rode through Harvard Square when a side-mounted U-lock holster caught my eye.

I remembered reading about some folks in Portland who sell fancy leather holsters, so I caught up with this woman to ask her where she bought her holster. “I made it myself, out of some old vinyl roofing and zip-ties,” she smiled, “and mounted it right on my rack for easy access to my lock in case I need to use it for defense…some people think I’m a weak old lady.

Amen, sister.

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