Sweet Kickbike

Spotted this on Mass Ave.

Apparently more popular in the Northwest, some people even race with them.

I’ve always wanted to try one of these. I’ve ridden a Xootr kick scooter before, and as goofy as scooter riding may look when done by an adult, it’s undeniably fun.

Are these muggles even allowed to take the lane or go through red lights?

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One Response to Sweet Kickbike

  1. Jim Hansen says:

    Kickbikes are a blast! It is a bit easier than running without the pounding and they can take you further and let you roll like when biking. I remain more of a runner these days and don’t use my kickbike like I did a few years ago, but you can certainly challenge yourself ( I kicked 127 miles one day from NH to Cape Cod) or just enjoy moving around town in a more leisurely fashion.

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