At Last! Cross Country for Autism Reaches the Pacific!

A big hearty congratulations goes out to Greg R. and Bianca P, good friends and founders of Suffolk Bikes, who, yesterday, after departing from Long Wharf here in Boston on July 1st, finally touched down in San Francisco at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

I’d been following their trip on their Cross Country For Autism Blog all summer.

Here’s Greg back in July right before mounting his saddle, still unsure of the great adventure that awaits:

and Biancha’s touring rig, still in pristine condition:

Here’s a video I took of Galen and me drumming on their send-off ride back in July:

It was great following such a wonderful adventure. I hope them each the best upon their return to the East Coast, and as everyone who thought you were married would say, “you’ll have stories for the kids!”

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