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TweetThe latest episode of my favorite podcast, WNYC/NPR’s Radiolab, discusses “falling”: There are so many ways to fall—in love, asleep, even flat on your face. This hour, Radiolab dives into stories of great falls. They even discuss the terminal velocity … Continue reading

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Sweet Kickbike

TweetSpotted this on Mass Ave. Apparently more popular in the Northwest, some people even race with them. I’ve always wanted to try one of these. I’ve ridden a Xootr kick scooter before, and as goofy as scooter riding may look … Continue reading

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Bicycle May Use Full Lane: Bike-Mounted Sign

TweetI take the lane when I need to, but as fellow blogger cyclostat can attest to, too few drivers understand that cyclists have a right to the road and don’t know what to do other than get really angry at … Continue reading

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At Last! Cross Country for Autism Reaches the Pacific!

TweetA big hearty congratulations goes out to Greg R. and Bianca P, good friends and founders of Suffolk Bikes, who, yesterday, after departing from Long Wharf here in Boston on July 1st, finally touched down in San Francisco at the … Continue reading

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Trashcan Panniers: Rack Mount v1.5

TweetLast year I created my own trashcan panniers for commuting and touring for $20 because I could not afford to drop $165 on new Ortliebs, and making stuff is fun. Here they are in full touring action this past March … Continue reading

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Bike Move Completion

TweetI finally got a chance to haul the very last of my belongings from JP to my new apartment the other day. Here are my last two trips: All in all, it took a total of four trips minus my … Continue reading

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More Children Spotted Riding on Comm. Ave.

TweetOn Saturday afternoon I was riding on Comm. Ave near the BU Bridge when something out of place caught my eye: First, a young girl riding her own bike inbound on Comm. Ave followed by her (presumable) parent, and moments … Continue reading

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Death of a Bicycle Tire

TweetSome tires die of blowouts, large rips, but others just die of wear and tear. Perhaps you’ve noticed my banner photo: a drywall screw lodged in a bike tire. That was an actual flat I got on Green St. in … Continue reading

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