Child Spotted Riding in New Comm. Ave Bike Lanes

You may have noticed the new bike lanes on Comm. Ave that extend from the BU bridge all the way to Packard’s Corner. Riding home yesterday I spotted this unusual sight at the corner of Comm Ave. and Babcock St.:

A man towing his daughter on a trail-a-bike down Comm. Ave!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone under the age of 18 riding fearlessly down Comm Ave, except for the occasional group of BMXers who I see riding up and down sidewalks. Could it be that the father felt safer with these new bike lanes? Curious of this conjecture, I decided to ask him whether the new bike lanes had any influence on his decision to ride down Comm. Ave with his daughter, to which he smiled and replied:

“you know what, yeah they did. otherwise, i would’ve taken a back road.”

We bid each other farewell, and his fearless daughter waved me goodbye as they rode off into Brookline.

Of course, while I couldn’t be more excited by the thought that the bike lanes are without a doubt encouraging some people to bike down Comm. Ave because they make people feel safer, I also couldn’t help be nervous about the thought of more people riding fearlessly down what might now be the single longest bike lane in a door zone in Boston:

Although, one change I’m glad to see is the removal of parking spaces near the BU bridge: one door zone I’ve always been weary of riding near. In this video you can see the newly painted bike lane over what used to be a row of painted car parking spots:

It’ll be nice when they finally remove/dismantle those parking meters though. You can see an SUV pulling over to park, and a few days ago I found a car that was just parked in the bike lane:

I can only hope that people will still be just as attentive to the door zone, especially all those incoming BU students whose first experience riding a bike in Boston will be in these very bike lanes.

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  1. Fenway says:

    BTD should have diagonally striped the removed parking spaces similar to a fire lane to prevent parking in addition to removing the meters once the lanes were painted.

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