Rear Rack as a Front Rack Hack

My old 80s Bianchi Mountain Bike is my bad weather/touring tank, which I’m in the process of setting up for loaded touring. Too cheap to buy a proper front rack, I decided to convert an old delta rear rack I had.

The bolts screw right into the fender eyelets, but I didn’t have a bracket to attach it to my fork so I took one of the chain-stay brackets and bent it into a J to make it screw right onto the fork:

VoilĂ ! A fully functional front rack to hang panniers with a platform to carry lighter stuff.

They fit a pair of borrowed Ortlieb panniers quite nicely, which I’ll soon utilize to move my belongings into my new apartment.

One disadvantage is that the rails are high so the weight makes steering a little cumbersome, but I’ll take that into account with my next batch of DIY bucket panniers.

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  1. jc says:

    i just did the same thing with my old rack and just a bit of modification. Worked great!

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