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Child Spotted Riding in New Comm. Ave Bike Lanes

TweetYou may have noticed the new bike lanes on Comm. Ave that extend from the BU bridge all the way to Packard’s Corner. Riding home yesterday I spotted this unusual sight at the corner of Comm Ave. and Babcock St.: … Continue reading

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Bike Move Phase 1

TweetSomerville Here I come! Starting today, I’ll be moving all my belongings (except large furniture) by bike to move from JP into my new apartment in Somerville. Using a borrowed bike trailer, set of panniers, and some old tubes to … Continue reading

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Rear Rack as a Front Rack Hack

TweetMy old 80s Bianchi Mountain Bike is my bad weather/touring tank, which I’m in the process of setting up for loaded touring. Too cheap to buy a proper front rack, I decided to convert an old delta rear rack I … Continue reading

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Bike Lock Fetish

TweetUnlocking my bike in Allston, I ran into my sophomore year Microeconomics 101 Professor Michael Manove and his wife who were admiring my drum bike: I’ll never forget the awkward silence that engulfed stone lecture hall B50 as Professor Manove … Continue reading

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