Hi, I’m Greg.

“Who the hell are you?”
Welcome dear readers! I’m Greg Hum. I just graduated from Boston University this past May, where I co-founded and became President of BU Bikes, the bike club stressing community and advocacy at BU. I’m a practical guy, and use bikes for all sorts of practical wonders, like:
Carrying lots of stuff and towing bikes,

neat Halloween costumes,

long distance touring (Yep, I use trashcans for panniers)

and most recently, drumming:

“No way! You’re the guy who drum bikes!!!”
Yes way! But I’m not the first, or the only one, just the most recent. Credit goes to Joey Chang who started riding with his bucket in 2002. Since then, he’s retired his drum-biking gig. It was Galen Mook, friend and other co-founder of BU Bikes, who later bought Joey’s original bike who inspired me to strap a bucket to my own bike. Sometimes, Galen and I can be heard drumming together, and when we are, our two distinct drumming styles collide into an explosion of thunder even the Gods consider dancing to.

Drum-biking has been an awesome experience so far. It’s made for great water-fountain impromptu dance parties, like this one where Galen and I were drumming at this past April’s Boston Critical Mass Ride:

This blog exists for me to share all the wonderful things I will inevitably come across in my bike-centered lifestyle, so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. So long for now!

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