What I’ve Been Up To In The Past Year: Part 2

There were a number of things that happened in the year-long hiatus from this blog that I forgot to mention in the last catch-up post I wrote you, dear readers, so here are a few more blog-worthy moments in the past year that I’ll share with you now to make up for it:

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What I’ve been up to in the past year

UPDATE: Read Part 2 here!

It’s come to my attention that it’s been exactly one whole year since I’ve updated this blog (whoops!). What could I possibly be doing that isn’t bike-blogging, you ask? Lots of biking, I assure you, and as it turns out, lots of drumming, videos, and climbing things.

So I figured I owe it to you, dear reader, to catch up on what I’ve been up to in my year-long absence from the blogosphere. Here are some highlights from the past year in my bike life:
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New video: Drum-biking St. Patty’s day, Irish drinking, German rap in Boston,

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New Video: Drum-Biking In The Snow, And Why I Always Read The Comments Section.

Last Friday, I strapped my bucket-drums to my handlebars after a relatively drum-less winter and drummed my bike to work during the morning snow storm:

Well, four days and 3,400 viral hits later thanks to places like Universal Hub, Bostinno, and Twitter, here are some of my favorite reaction comments to my video that have resulted:

From Twitter:


From Reddit.com/r/bicycling:lovepassingthisguycomment redditbadumtushcomment redditwhynotcomment

From Universal Hub:uhubcomments


From Cyclechat.net:


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My Newest Favorite Bike Shop and My first Dig Write-Up: Hub Bicycle Co.

I’ve been finding myself heading to Hub Bicycle Co. in Inman Sq. lately for all my bike-repair needs because the folks who work there are some of the friendliest people I know, so I stopped by recently to chat with Emily and profile her for the Dig. (Read my write-up on Hub here)


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New Video: Biking Nemo

When I heard there would be an epic snow storm early last week, dreams of taking the C line up to the top of Beacon St. in Brookline and skiiing down suddenly became a potential reality.

Early morning Nemo from the Longfellow Bridge

Early morning Nemo from the Longfellow Bridge

Instead, I had to Amtrak my way to New York early Friday morning, just as Nemo was touching down in Boston, to have Chinese New Year’s dinner with my family. But that didn’t stop me from grabbing a boogie-board and bombing down some hills and going for mid-blizzard bike rides in my suburban New York hometown. Luckily, I found an old ski pole and taped my GoPro to it so I could document all of this for your enjoyment:

YouTube Preview Image

Even though I had a great time in New York, I’m still jealous of the guys who were out snowboarding down Pinckney St. in Beacon Hill.

YouTube Preview Image
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Drumming for November Project’s Ninja Race

Two weeks ago, I joined up with Brogan Graham’s November Project, a free Boston-area morning workout club, to drum-off hundreds of Ninjas for their first ever Ninja-themed running race along the esplanade. Galen and I stationed ourselves under the Mass. Ave. bridge for some Ninja Drumming:

YouTube Preview Image
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New Video: Biking Boston’s Blackout of March 13th, 2012

Back in March, a transformer fire at Boston’s Hilton hotel caused all of Boston’s Back Bay area to black out for an entire night. Thanks to two six-hour Amtrak rides over Thanksgiving break, I finally had a chance to cut together the video footage I took with my GoPro into a bite-sized compilation:
YouTube Preview Image

Check out my original account of riding the blackout here:
Boston Blackout: Skyline from Mass. Ave Bridge

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Joys of Drum-Biking: Rocking Out Everywhere All the Time

It’s usually pretty easy to spot the drummers in public places; we’re the guys and gals totally happy to be rocking out on the Green Line to Slayer’s Raining Blood playing through our ear buds while you’re rocking back and forth to the beat of being sandwiched between a horde of sweaty strangers. The truth is, drummers are hard-wired to the rhythm of anything; like a mental tick, we’re probably rocking out in our heads to any music our ears happen upon, real or not.

You can spot us a mile away, rocking out in our parents’ garages:

YouTube Preview Image

in our cars at red lights:

YouTube Preview Image

and in cites on our bicycles:

YouTube Preview Image

And while for me it was a ’93 Volvo I was rocking out in at red lights during my teenage years, and I have no idea what that last commercial was for, I’d be willing to bet these commercials were created for drummers by drummers, because clearly, the creators struck a core instinctual desire inside me that anyone who plays the drums or has a affinity towards rhythm has: I just want to be rocking out everywhere all the time (on my bicycle):

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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Biking Hurricane Sandy

This past Monday, my office closed along with much of the city while Hurricane Sandy struck Boston. Sitting at home, eyes glued to the Weather Channel, I felt like something was missing from my day; as my apartment windows rattled with the misty wind, I was feeling restless, legs shaking with bore and anxiety. The remedy to this came in the form of a text message from a friend who was on his way home from work, which had let out early to let folks catch the T before its 2pm closure: “Bike ride to Castle Island? I’m going soon”

YouTube Preview Image

The above video was shot with a GoPro HD Hero2 camera with chest-harness I’ve been capturing drum-biking footage with. At some points on the ride the wind was so strong we could not bike against it on even our lowest gears, and had to walk. When we reached the water we met two other cyclists who were out biking to experience the hurricane. Even though there wasn’t much wave action by the water, we rode around and caught tail-winds. Fortunately, unlike New York, there was not much damage done in the actual city itself.

And though I didn’t bring my drums, I did imagine what drum-biking in the hurricane would be like:

PS. While most folks in Boston were not hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy, it’s great to see that in the unfortunate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York City, plenty of people are discovering the joys of riding a bicycle around with all the disruptions to public transit and gasoline supply.

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